A Vast Laugh

A Vast Laugh with illustration and collaboration by Joshua Norman was published by in 2008 by Small Change Press and launched at Qld Writers Centre, with performance by Tylea and Sally Breen.

Quotes about A Vast Laugh:

‘Pascalle’s quirky, romantic poems are like little safaris, hunting down furry adventure and glittering joy in the tall grass of everyday life.’ ~ emily xyz

‘I read it on a screen, squinting, and a lot of life was still there! Pomegranate II is my fave. Your conviction and good humour are totally winning. Impress it! Happy trails!’ ~ Dave Graney

‘I went to Kmart to buy water filters, someone handed me a sales pamphlet, I couldn’t read it, I felt congested… then I read this book and my mind opened where there was only a small crack before. We need this form of art to go deeper, great stuff! Bring it on!’ ~ Ohad Rein (Old Man River)

My stepfather Hans Lenz made the Book Machine for the launch, rotating Josh’s images.