The Lavender Room Zine-in-a-Matchbox Issue #1 – hammers, Irregular Choice and Dame Edna

The Zine-in-a-Matchbox is a Golden Stapler nominated series! You can read an interview on the zine at Another Lost Shark and The Australian Book Arts Journal.

The first issue features hammers, Irregular Choice and Dame Edna.

In each issue you’ll find:

• Ye Olde Picture Books – favourite vintage books
• Raise High the Salinger – quote from the dearly departed J.D.Salinger
• Thankyou for Being a Friend – my Golden Girls pick of talented friends/artists
• For Want of a Word – a word to come in handy
• Tools in Vogue – a tool I regularly use
• The ebay That Got Away – it’s tough being outbid
• A ‘Pome’ from Pas – for some literary sensation

Each zine comes with a complimentary and solitary match for you to burn the zine after you have read it – if you have the nerve.