Poem in Mall Stories 2013

Spoken Four

My poem, methodical painter, has been included in Mall Stories 2013, which is a part of the You Are Here Festival in Canberra and was conceived and curated by Julian Fleetwood. The poems form part of two poetry tours in the mall and around the city. Each poem was recorded  and mine uses the vocal stylings of Nick Delatovic. Mall Stories 2013 was launched today, broadcast on Community Radio 2XX 98.3 and will be running until the 24th March. Those unable to physically partake can download the poems in MP3 and pdf format here.

Here is a list of the participants for my tour:

Author/Artist Title Reader/Performer
Marcus Westbury Makers and Places: from creation to consumption (and back again)* Marcus Westbury
Monica Carroll Petrie Monica Carroll
Jessica Tuckwell The Dentist Elizabeth Cain
Farz Edraki Five Scenes at the Civic Sheep Farz Edraki
Doug Force Mall of Memories John Sharp
CJ Bowerbird Poetry Place CJ Bowerbird
Daniel Ferri Proton Records Daniel Ferri
Andrew Galan Brekkie at Jina’s (Fresh Seafood Dagjaw) Andrew Galan
Lorese Vera A true fable about a man and a tattoo Lorese Vera
Aden Rolfe Buttons Cameron Thomas
Pascalle Burton methodical painter Nick Delatovic
Isaac Dugdale Access All Areas David Finnigan

And here are the participants of the other tour:

Author/Artist Title Reader/Performer
Mathew Abbott Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project Mathew Abbott
Kelly Chandler Killing Time Joshua Bell
Art Rush Theme from Air Conditioning Art Rush
Jennifer Williams Untitled 2 Emma Gibson
Kate Morris Blue Collar Dollars Laura Pierce
Emma Hall Shelf Stacking Emma Hall
Raya Slavin Big W with Flat Piano Raya Slavin
Jason Nelson Chipped Ceramic Creatures Jason Nelson
Sandra Carluccio Home Away from Home Sandra Carluccio