The Stress of Leisure play The Hideaway Friday 3rd May

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The Stress of Leisure are playing The Hideaway on Friday May 3, alongside Kellie Lloyd and Conor Macdonald.

You may know Kellie from her Screamfeeder exploits, however last year she released a second solo album titledMagnetic North. It’s a fantastic album of the slow burning quality and really confirms her pop goodness. Conor Macdonald sports a beard, plays in The Gin Club, and loves nothing more than to sing about sporting teams, animals of all persuasions and deathwishes. Listen carefully to his lyrics, you won’t believe what you’re hearing. Kellie and Conor have both signed a contract to bring on the sub-tropical fun times.



Kellie Lloyd


Conor Macdonald Apr 2013

Conor Macdonald

As for us, we’ve been writing new tunes the past month or so and we’ll be playing a few of ’em. Jane Elliott refuses to boil her bass strings until she’s worked every single bit of white funk out of them. Phil Usher has been pressing all his favourite polka dot shirts in readiness. Pascalle Burton continues her standard breakfast of one egg wrap. Both Pas and I incidentally, have had our flu shots for the year. Basically, in short, we’re looking forward to it.

Playing all your favourite hits off Cassowary and beyond…..