‘I will say this only once’ remix for if:book Australia

if:book Australia has published a series of remixes from its 24-Hour Book, Willow Patterns, and I have a piece included called I will say this only once. During the initial project, a team of nine writers plus editors (Angela Slatter, Steven Amsterdam, P.M. Newton, Krissy Kneen, Geoff Lemon, Simon Groth, Christopher Currie, Nick Earls and Rjurik Davidson) had 24 hours to produce a book: the result was Willow Patterns. I was then invited to remix the material on the website. The source material for the remixes went well beyond the finished text of the book to include the entire database of edits collected over the project’s duration.

My concept was to create an audio collage called I will say this only once, which included all of the words that were only used once in the book. I did not expect there to be roughly 3500 words! So the piece is very dense. I hope you enjoy.


There is also an interview on the website if you are interested in more contextualisation as well as other remixes by Nathan CurnowSandra Thibodeaux and Nicholas Powell. I think that the piece is reminiscent of Jim Campbell’s I Have Never Read The Bible  and Frank Mouris’ collage film Frank Film.


Thanks to Simon Groth for the invitation and for the painstaking effort he went to in uploading the video.



melted ceramic by Livia Marin