Letters to a Suburb for You Are Here Festival

letters to a suburb

Image credit: Sarah Kaur and Pascalle Burton

The excellent You Are Here Festival in Canberra is on until 23rd March, showcasing independent and experimental arts and culture from the inner workings of Canberra and beyond. Two of my poems,  burying ground quartz stuffed into the horn of a cow and Canberra Times, are included in the project Letters to a Suburb, which was coordinated by You Are Here producer and overall dynamo Andrew Galan.

The concept of Letters to a Suburb is to post Canberra-inspired poetry, stories and art to random Canberran addresses. Other contributors include Duncan Felton, Good Ghost Bill with Paul Summerfield, Adam Hadley, Matt Hetherington, Raphael Kabo with Zoe Anderson, Aaron Kirby with Fiona McLeod, Tessa Rose and David “Ghostboy” Stavanger.

The entire zine publication is available here.