Visual poems in Australian Poetry Journal 3.2 #concrete

I have a couple of pieces of visual poetry from a series called Every afternoon at precisely the same time (after H. G. Wells’ ‘The First Men in the Moon’) included in Australian Poetry Journal 3.2 #concrete. The two pieces below are from the same series.The First Men in the Moon3

Fig. 3

The First Men in the Moon1

Fig. 4

Other contributors include Dan Disney, Chris Edwards, Michael Farrell, Toby Fitch, Angela Gardner, Jill Jones, Alex Selenitsch, pete spence, John Warwicker, Eryk Wenziak, Cecilia White and more. It is a visual word feast edited by Bronwyn Lea. Bronwyn has posted the Foreword on her website and I am particularly fond of her comment ‘concrete poems ask readers to look simultaneously ‘at’ and ‘through’ language’.  You can purchase a copy here.

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