Spaghetti Western published in Seizure Online

Seizure-Poetry-generalThe online journal Seizure has been running an old-fashioned poetry parlour game called ‘Bouts Rimes’ – where players are given the end rhymes to a sonnet and must ‘fill in the rest’ – and my fun-saucy poem Spaghetti Western has been published. The poetry section is edited by Fiona Wright and visitors to the site are also encouraged to play by submitting their own Bouts Rimes poems. From the website:

Bouts Rimes were invented in post-Revolution, pre-Internet France, after a minor poet (everyone’s favourite kind) named Dulot (of whom, Wikipedia states ‘little else is remembered’) who was robbed of his manuscripts by a thief with a very poor business plan. At a party some days later, Dulot told his friends that he’d lost over 200 sonnets that he’d completed in the last week. ‘Two hundred sonnets in one week?’ said friends asked. ‘C’est impossible, n’est ce pas?’ Not at all, according to our man Dulot. He’d written only the end-rhymes, the ‘bout rimes’, and was planning to fill in the rest later.