The Stress of Leisure plays Sonic Masala Fest on 21st June

Sonic Masala Fest


The Stress of Leisure will be among a ton of bands playing Brisbane DIY label Sonic Masala’s first festival, Sonic Masala Fest, at Greenslopes RSL on Saturday 21st June. This is what the event page says, including the monumental number of bands on the bill:

This year’s been hectic on Planet Masala with the launch of our record label, continued ranting on the blog and organising monthly gigs, but in the middle of it all we’ve found some room for this beauty:

SONIC MASALA FEST 2014 – Gathering the full label roster and some of our favourite bands from the last two years of SM gigs, SM FEST is set to be a celebration of independent Australian music.

TIX $10 on the door, DRINKS at genuine 1970s prices

The line up:
Brisbane’s biggest legends, and the reason SM exists, TURNPIKE
SM Records number one draft pick, and Shoegazers extraordinaire, ROKU MUSIC (in DJ mode)
Popular purveyors of drive time hits, Sydney mates NARROW LANDS
Gentlemen of Brisbane rock, launching their SMR003 Record ‘Chipper’, TAPE/OFF
Lilting, Spilling, moving static forward-thinking Canberrans, SPARTAK
SMR stablemates of the apocalypse, Goth Psychos, GAZAR STRIPS
Dangerous and dead, Brisbane’s own man in black, THE STEADY AS SHE GOES
Experimental post-punk spew, and soon to be SMR004, COBWEBBS
Indie guitar maestros doing it the way it should be done, SEAPLANE
Darlings of the scene, masters sexy times, THE STRESS OF LEISURE
Ready to tie your brain into a series of well-executed knots, BRAINBEAU
These riffs will smash you to f’in pieces, mate, BARGE WAAOI
Let loose to get loose, rambunctious punchers, TINY MIGRANTS
He’ll make beautiful noise in a postcode near you, ANDREW TUTTLE
Vast and sprawling, daring instrumental men of the wilderness, GHOST NOTES
The reason why you now like experimental music, PALE EARTH
Brisbane hip- hop legends, Bangin’ on your dashboard, NANA VIGILANTE
Straight up three-way action, ready for action EL MOTEL
Droning contortionist SECRET BIRDS
8-bit raconteurs…without the 8-bit – BOSS FIGHT


Sam W Hill

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