‘machine made out of words’ published in Cordite Poetry Review 47.0: Collaboration

I have a poem called  machine made out of words in Cordite Poetry Review 47.0: COLLABORATION, guest edited by Louis Armand and Helen Lambert. The poem is inspired by the Oulipo technique of N+7 applied to William Carlos Williams’ poem The Red Wheelbarrow. The title refers to a statement made in Williams’ introduction to The Wedge, in Selected Essays of William Carlos Williams:

Let the metaphysical take care of itself, the arts have nothing to do with it. They will concern themselves with it if they please, among other things. To make two bald statements: There’s nothing sentimental about a machine, and: A poem is a small (or large) machine made of words.


William Carlos Williams (photograph: Lisa Larsen/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Image)

The issue includes many exciting collaborations in various shapes and forms, with work from Eleanor Jackson, Chloë Callistemon, Betsy Turcot, John Wainwright, Andrew Phillips, Fern Thompsett, Ivy Ireland, Rosalind McFarlane, Siobhan Hodge, Angelina Saule, Matthew Hall, Paul Magee, Forrest Gander, John Mateer, Marion May Campbell, John Kendal Hawkins, Aaron Mannion, Justin Clemens, John Hawke, Ann Vickery, Mridula Chakraborty, Anne Marie Jackson, Peter Boyle, David Colmer, Mehmet Ali Çelikel, Robyn Rowland, Lidija Šimkutė, Jan Owen, Luke Davies, Andrew Hass, S J Fowler, David Berridge, Tom Jenks, Andrew Spragg, William Ledford, Ariade Radi Cor, MTC Cronin, Nat O’Reilly, Lachlan Brown, J. Gordon Faylor, Astrid Lorange, Keri Glastonbury, Ted Nielsen, Thurston Moore, John Kinsella, Barry Schwabsky, Vincent Katz, Carol Watts, Will Montgomery, Anne Gorrick, John Bloomberg-Rissman, David James Miller, Gracie Leavitt, Lars Palm, Richard Lopez,  Kate Middleton, Ampersandy’s Page, Pam Brown, Les Wicks, Kevin Brophy, Paul Griffiths, Meredith Wattison, Terence Chiusano, Rachel Zolf, Leticia Parish, Karen Mezentsef, Szymon Dorabialski, Misael M., Peter O’Mara, Yasmin Heisler, Nick Hadgelias, Ry Wilkin, Ronn Morris, Patricia Sykes, Stu Hatton, Lisa Jacobson, Luke Beesley, Derek Motion, Cui Yuwei, John Tranter, Autumn Lace, Daniel Jenatsch, Harriet Gregory, Holly Childs, Max Trevor Thomas Edmond, Ian Gibbins, Laurie Duggan, Robert Lumsden, Matthew Kirshman, Kathryn Hummel, and Matt Trease.