‘computers consider Maya Deren’ published in Overland Journal: Photonic Overland


I have a poetic film called computers consider Maya Deren in Overland Journal’s special electronic poetry issue Photonic Overland, edited by Benjamin Laird. The poem is the final companion piece to the UN/SPOOL collaboration with Nathan Shepherdson, which also includes a performance and a double-titled book-object. The piece consists of a poem that Nathan and I generated via a text messaging process and the film was created with computer generated speech, and using the ZXX font, which was designed to interrupt character recognition or encryption.

The Overland issue is very stimulating, with pieces by Ian Gibbins, Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell, Panos Couros, Peter Wildman, Christopher Rodley and Andrew Burrell, Josh Mei-Ling Dubrau and Mark Havryliv, and Omar Sakr.