24 Hour Gym to perform at Queensland Poetry Festival

Pounce on a rare opportunity to see 24 Hour Gym perform the songs of 24 Hour Gym Volume 1 at the Queensland Poetry Festival!

24 Hour Gym is an experimental musical and spoken word project by myself (vocals, synths) and Tessa Rose (vocals, breath). It is music for a complete workout of body and mind, with lyrics derived from both art criticism essays by women such as Cindy Sherman, Chris Kraus, Kim Gordon and Meredith Monk, and exercise videos.

24 Hour Gym will appear in the Women in Uniform session in the Shopfront space alongside QPF’s 2015 ARTS QLD Poet in residence Kate Durbin and spoken word performer Quinn. Entry is free.

We are offering the opportunity to pre-order the songs of 24 Hour Gym Volume 1.

Songs of 24 Hour Gym Volume 1:

  • Warm Up
  • Classic Low Impact
  • Cardio Burst
  • Endurance
  • Cool Down

The first 24 pre-orders will get a limited edition Meret Oppenheim inspired bangles. These are on sale at the QPF bookshop. Don’t miss out!







(photo by Ian Powne)