Poetic Practice course for Queensland Writers Centre

I am looking forward to running a course called Poetic Practice for Queensland Writers Centre over February and March. It is essentially for new poets and will run each Wednesday night 6–8pm between February 10 and March 2.

Here is what the website says about the course:

Enjoying poetry is one thing, but being able to break it down to its functional and lyrical mechanics is another beast entirely. In this month-long course, award-winning poet Pascalle Burton will help you to understand the anatomy of a good poem, from opening lines to verses, themes to form, structure to tone, and equip you with the skills to write your own. You will leave this course with a firm understanding of creative practice, poetic devices and language and a broader sense of the state and national poetry scene.

This Course is Ideal For

New poets and writers, or poets and writers looking to brush up on the basics.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop a greater understanding of a variety of poetic devices, including form, structure, voice and poetic language.
  • Find inspiration for and gain the skills to write your own poems.
  • Hone your ear for poetry, and sense of rhythm and pacing.
  • Understand poetic structures and formatting.
  • Get an idea of markets for poems, and a flavour for the local poetry scene.

I’ve also written a blog about context in poetry.