Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary MILLS AND BOOM! at Brisbane Powerhouse


Valkyrie Cul-de-Sac

As part of the Wonderland 2016, I will be taking part in The Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary‘s Mills and Boom! at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Sunday 4th December.

The Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary (FFA) is a fictitious amateur writers’ group of oddball characters with fake hair, fake lashes, and real passion for its personally acclaimed stage show.

I will be Sylvia da Silva, a multi-level cosmetics marketer cum literary naturelle, reading the seasonal The Carefully Curated Christmas or O Come All Ye Henry.

Also featuring  Carody Culver, Adam Hadley, Michelle Law, Tessa Rose, Jackie Ryan, Leah Shelton, Lucas Stibbard, and Neridah Waters!


Sunday Best

At the Powerhouse, you can also visit two (!) free exhibitions by Jackie Ryan, including FFA covers and images from Jackie’s fantastic comic Burger Force.


Burger Force at the Powerhouse