‘About the Author is Dead’ launches and reading in Los Angeles

I normally use this blog to write about things coming up in the future. But I was so busy touring with Regurgitator and so on that I forgot to do posts for some events that meant a lot to me.


The first events were the launches for my Cordite collection, About the Author is Deadin Brisbane and Melbourne.

The Brisbane launch on June 17 was held in one of my favourite Brisbane venues, The Junk Bar. It is such a warm and dreamy place and I have to say, the audience was too. I was fortunate to have McKisko and Nathan Shepherdson do sets – Nathan also read his astonishingly surreal launch speech, too. And I got to do my David Lynch-inspired audio-visual performance, the name of the poem comes later. Here are some photos.


The Melbourne launch on July 22 was held at a fantastic bar called The Alderman in Brunswick East. Kent MacCarter, my editor, was lovely enough to host the event, which also featured the brilliance of Bella Li and Dave Graney – what a lineup! Nathan also flew down for the occasion to read the launch speech, and it was just as surreal the second time around! Here are some more shots.

And the last event I didn’t get around to posting about was in Los Angeles last month. Ian and I were doing a dream trip of the Empire Builder train (just like in Albert Maysles’ documentary In Transit) and we finished the adventure with our friends Kate Durbin and Rollin Leonard. Kate kindly arranged that I do a reading at the Poetic Research Bureau on September 22 in LA’s Chinatown while we were there. What a gorgeous time! The event was hosted by Joseph Mosconi and also featured Emmalea Russo and Katharine Coldiron, with the very special cameo of Emmalea’s dog, Hannah! Some shots from the night.

I will endeavour to post in a timely fashion in future, I promise!