Greater Than 11% podcast with Renee Vaughan Sutherland

greater than 11

Greater Than 11% is presented by Renee Vaughan Sutherland, a London-based filmmaker and artist, and explores roles and opportunities for women within the creative industries. The weekly podcast interviews women about their careers and discusses their creative lives and experiences, and I was fortunate to be interviewed by Renee while she was visiting Australia for Episode 25.greater than 11 25

Full disclosure: Renee is my best friend and I am super proud of this podcast (and to be a part of it). Every time I listen in, I learn something beautiful and new about making art. Other episodes include wisdom and anecdotes by incredible women, including Basia Kuznar, Laura Francies, Anna Valdez Hanks, Maria Petrides, Hannah Wastnidge, Rina Cheung, Astrid Goldsmith, Penny Woolcock, Lucienne Roberts & Rebecca Wright, Mari Continenza, Rina Atienza, Emma Ridgway, Alexandra Zsigmond, Lauren Pleydell-Pearce, Alexandra Waring, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Ursie Downes, Scarlett Montanaro, Anna Pritchard, Jet Omoshebi, Helena Gaunt, Jess Geary, Marilyn Ford, Kelly Hewitt, Nell Forster and Jackie Ryan.

Greater Than 11% is also on Soundcloud.