The evolution of her pictorial published in Southerly Journal



My poem The evolution of her pictorial — after the wonderful artist Liliane Lijn — has been published in Southerly Journal issue 78.3 along with the other poems shortlisted for the David Harold Tribe poetry award, including:

Ella O’Keefe: “warped up lamplight”
Grace Heyer: “The Other Kingdom Is Like This”
Geraldine Burrowes: “how to deflect”
Michael Farrell: “Sock Puppet Ascendancy”
Ali Jane Smith: “Have you any dirty washing, Mother dear?”

The theme for the issue is Violence and other contributors are Jenni Nixon, Brenda Saunders, Andy Jackson, Melinda Smith, Maria Vella, B.R. Dionysius, Dave Drayton, Josephine Clarke, Lynette Thorstensen, Robin M,. Eames, Ella Jeffrey, Wen-Juenn Lee, Julie McElhone, Glenn McPherson, Angela Gardner, Mitchell Welch, Geoff Page, Peter Kirkpatrick, Monica Carroll, Kit Kelen, Kristian Patruno, Greg McLaren, Sarah Penwarden, Patricia Reid, Toby Fitch, David Stavanger, Hazel Smith, Brenda Downing, Kate Livett, Ashleigh Synnott, Rowena Harding-Smith, David Brooks, John Kinsella & Russell West-Pavlov, Fiona Morrison, Martin Kovan, Xinpei Yu & Brigitta Olubas, Jo Langdon, Michael Crane, Julie Chevalier, Winnie Dunn, Luke Johnson, Ray Liverside, Rachael Versace, John Hughes, Elizabeth McMahon and Sunil Badami.

Check out the Long Paddock as well, which features work from Stuart Barnes, Julie Chevalier, Brenda Saunders, Anita Solak, Liam Ferney, Rose Hunter, Gareth Morgan, Daniel Swain, Iggy. J. Louis, Lucas Smith, Ian Gibbins, Nike Sulway, Toby Fitch, Brendan Ryan, Indigo Perry, Mette Jakobsen, Jordan de Visser, Raelee Chapman, Ashleigh Synnott, Hannah Ianniello, Elizabeth McMahon, David Brooks and John Kinsella.